Hi everyone. As i'm sure you've realised all my blog posts have vanished. i have decided to 'start fresh' and dedicate my time when on here solely to makeup. Recently, i've had an unhealthy addiction to blush. So after having a good look online tonight, this is my blush wishlist for 2010! I hope to have them all ASAP!

If any of you have any of these blushes, i would appriciate if you could let me know what theyre like. Any other advice would be appriciated too. Thanks :)

  • MAC well dressed powder blush
  • MAC dollymix powder blush
  • MAC tenderling powder blush
  • MAC dame powder blush
  • MAC pinch me powder blush
  • ILLAMASQUA katie powder blush
  • ILLAMASQUA hussy powder blush
  • ILLAMASQUA unrequited powder blush
  • ILLAMASQUA nymph powder blush
  • ILLAMASQUA thrust powder blush
  • ILLAMASQUA intregue powder blush
  • NARS orgasm powder blush
  • NARS angelika powder blush
  • NARS desire powder blush
  • NARS deepthroat powder blush



Blogger Leanne said...

There's no comment button on your blog, fool! Lucky I know a bit of HTML and could get around it but you need to sort that out :) haha
I have Illamsqua Hussy! It's lovely :)
Glad to see you starting freshhh and hope you start blogging much more often! Fuck YouTube, this is where the community is!

31 January 2010 at 15:05  
Blogger Caroline Carnivorous said...

How about looking up some reviews on youtube? I bet theres tons of em ^^

3 March 2010 at 18:34  
Blogger IrregularAttraction said...

Orgasm and Deep Throat are the best of the bunch, the Illamasqua blushes n Nymph and Hussy are my favourites!!!!

20 April 2010 at 05:55  

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